About Us

Fendeza Logistics started in 2016, when we began working with small-hold transport companies to move agricultural inputs like fertiliser into Zambia’s north western farming districts.

Upon delivering these goods to these areas, we discovered that the region was full of farmers producing high-quality goods with no market to sell to. We were able to purchase their goods to transport back to the capital at a much fairer rate, and this led to us acquiring our first partner, Luano Honey. Now we’re growing our community agri depots in the farming districts, where we are able to buy and sell goods on a larger scale, offering fair pricing and support to hardworking farmers across the region. 

Food production in Africa is expected to grow by 60% by 2050. Alongside growing access to technology, the agricultural sector is likely to transform and grow at an astonishing rate. We’re focussing on strengthening and optimising the national and global supply chain so that we’re ready lead the way for farmers in a better connected continent.