Fendeza provides logistics solutions in Zambia at a fair and affordable rate. As well as transporting agricultural and mineral goods all over the world, we also operate community agri depots, where we provide fairly priced goods and honest, transparent selling platforms for farming communities.

We strive to support businesses and farmers who are losing money through lack of access to the right materials and exploitative supply chains (middlemen). By choosing Fendeza you can access trucks to send goods further than before, products and materials for your farm and home, assistance from staff for any production issues you’re having, and access to a fair and transparent e-currency system for your sales.

Fendeza can also place your goods on a virtual marketplace platform, where your products can be bid on by potential customers internationally and shipped anywhere in the world. With easy and honest access to the global agricultural chain, you can cut out the middlemen and maximise profits.

Available soon: Last mile/vehicle-restricted delivery service via local transport options including bike, van and oxcart.